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Real Estate Services: Property Management

Planning for the long term

Good property management starts with a well-conceived building.  As a long-term owner, the Dalad Group automatically selects quality mechanical equipment, energy-efficient operating systems, enduring skin material and finishes that stand the test of time.  A well-built building simply lends itself to outstanding property management.

Exceeding expectations

We view real estate as a service business and we instill this philosophy throughout our organization.  At the Dalad Group, our property management staff includes not only building engineers and supervisors, but also electricians, carpenters and mobile technicians. These broad in-house capabilities ensure quality work and unparalleled response time.

Technology driven

Dalad Group properties are designed and equipped to meet the changing needs of today’s technology-dependent companies.  Whether the issue is accessing fiber networks, managing riser space or sourcing back-up power, we understand today’s technology requirements. In fact we rely heavily on technology ourselves. Dalad’s Property Management team utilizes an integrated technology platform to link all of its primary management functions including remote monitoring of HVAC systems, preventive maintenance scheduling, tenant service work orders, property accounting, and lease administration. Our technology depends on the same bandwidth requirements,